why is my reward function outputting such a small number [closed]

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I have this loop

            while True:
            current_time = time.time()
            elapsed_time = current_time - start_time
            z = r.give_force()
            print("z is", z)
            score += r.what_is_reward()
            print("the score during game is", score)
            if elapsed_time > seconds:

And here is my reward function

def what_is_reward(self):
    start_time = time.time()
    if self.target1 - 3 < self.joint1 < self.target1 + 3:
        self.reward = time.time() - start_time

It keeps outputting an extremely small number like to the 0.1e-5 even though the joint position in radians should be within the target zone. target zone is target-3 radians to target zone+3 radians

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