Mavros support for controlling storm32BGC gimbal using python script.

asked 2021-10-08 12:15:59 -0500

ranjeet kumar gravatar image

Hi, I am having a storm32-BGC gimbal controller (board version 1.3). I was trying to control it roll,pitch and yaw angle using python code and as a ros node.

I found a repository (GitHub - mcgill-robotics/ros-storm32-gimbal: :camera_flash: STorM32 gimbal controller ROS driver) that says storm32BGC ros driver.

I am able to send commands to the board using serial port and get acknowledgement in response from the board.

However, apart from acknowledge of the message, the motors are dead. I could not find a way to activate the motors and set any desired angle. My board is having I2C IMU and firmware version on board os 0.96 (Downloads - STorM32-BGC Wiki).

If someone could tell me how to power motors from python code, it would be a big help. I am able to use the Olliw’s Storm32BGC GUI (it is situated in the firmware folder itself) and enable motors, but i need to do this from code.
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