How to confirm the self-postion in the known map (SLAM map)

asked 2021-10-06 21:11:34 -0600

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Hi Everyone,
I'm a beginner at Robot Navigation (AMRs). Actually, I just have seen the video and read the document with ROS navigation without install or building because the condition is not.
I'm using Open3D-Slam OpenSource to creating the SLAM map(the SLAM includes localization and mapping). And now I want to know how to confirm the self-position of the Robot in that know map. But about the technical, it makes me confuse.

These steps below which I think the Robot AMRs work:
Step 1: Make a Map (Occupancy grid or Octomap) using SLAM algorithms (Location and Mapping)
Step 2: Convert a Map above to Octomap or occupancy grid for planning path and finding
Step 3: Confirm the self-position of the Robot in the known map (localization)
--> (A) I will visually the known map on the screen
--> (B) My thinking with this step, I just using "Location" of SLAM algorithms for finding the self-position instead of all SLAM (location and mapping), and the "location" will make position and trajectory and Finally, overlap on (A)
Step 4: Using Planning path and finding algorithms and send the moving information to the Robot

My thinking above is correct? Can I get more information about Robot Navigation from you?
Thank you.

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