URDF Stage of Install: Joint_state_publisher waiting for robot_description #2 [closed]

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I am using Linorobot2 to get an AMR robot built. (https://github.com/linorobot/linorobot2)

I am getting stuck at the "Visualize the newly created URDF" portion. I am able to edit my description file and colcon build, but then when I launch via robot computer I get stuck with below line (no actual error but just waits there forever). Command "ros2 topic list" shows what I would expect as well.

Further steps like launching robot and controlling via keyboard works, but URDF and SLAM all get stuck waiting for this robot_description topic.

"joint_state_publisher: Waiting for robot_description to be published on the robot_description topic"

Any ideas on a resolution, been looking up for a while and reinstalled joint state publisher with no luck. My RVIZ on host computer comes up but is empty and I see the robot_description as an unvisualizable topic.

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