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Rviz Message filter dropping message with rosbag1

asked 2021-09-16 03:58:44 -0600

morten gravatar image

updated 2021-09-16 07:59:19 -0600

Ranjit Kathiriya gravatar image

I have a bunch of rosbag1 bag files with images, velodyne point clouds, and radar point clouds. I've now attempted a couple different methods of playing rosbag1 files in rosbag2, such as rosbag_v2 and rosbags-convert.

Both of which can run the bag files, sometimes with warnings like

[WARN] [1631782330.814976392] [rosbag2_transport]: Ignoring a topic '/rosout', reason: Something went wrong loading the typesupport library for message type rosgraph_msgs/Log. Library could not be found..

but the right topics get published.

Attempting to visualize any of the three (camera, lidar, or radar) results in rviz2 throwing a lot of

[INFO] [1631782411.735610318] [rviz]: Message Filter dropping message: frame 'usb_cam' at time 1624791621.995 for reason 'Unknown'

I'm not sure how to handle this?

Note: Using noetic and foxy on ubuntu 20.04

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You are missing the time stamp, you need to add it and I think it will work.

Ranjit Kathiriya gravatar image Ranjit Kathiriya  ( 2021-09-16 08:02:03 -0600 )edit

I'm reading from a data file of past recordings, which has been used in ros1 implementations. I don't have the possibility of adding or changing the content.

morten gravatar image morten  ( 2021-09-16 08:21:40 -0600 )edit

2 Answers

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answered 2021-09-22 08:39:49 -0600

morten gravatar image

updated 2021-09-22 08:40:51 -0600

In this case, the conversion utilizing rosbags-convert and then playing the bag file by ros2 bag play /path/to/file.bag works fine.

The problem was relating to the lack of some static transform publishers between the frames, e.g. usb_cam, which then resulted in the filter dropping effected messages.

Note: The warning regarding /rosout persists and doesn't seem to be relevant and/or signalling anything critical. Everything works as expected after sorting out the missing transforms.

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answered 2021-09-16 08:09:15 -0600

osilva gravatar image

Please take a look at this question #q357762 first as it's similar issue.

For your specific issue, it looks that the error is due to missing left camera, but it can be created virtually:

"This is because the the point’s x/y/z coordinates are relative to the left camera but the left camer’s “frame” does not exist in Rviz’s 'world.' " Source:

This can be fixed by:

$ ros2 run tf2_ros static_transform_publisher \
  0 0 4 \
  0 1.5708 1.5708 \
  test_frame_id \
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Ended up solving the problem, you were right that I was missing a transform. But this system only uses 1 camera, I have some static transform publishers that weren't running correctly.

morten gravatar image morten  ( 2021-09-22 08:20:34 -0600 )edit

Glad you solved your issue. Pls vote so the question is closed. Thank you.

osilva gravatar image osilva  ( 2021-09-22 08:22:11 -0600 )edit

How should I vote? Because the parts of your response regarding the other answer and camera things are potentially misleading?

morten gravatar image morten  ( 2021-09-22 08:33:29 -0600 )edit

You can add an answer yourself and someone else can vote for it.

osilva gravatar image osilva  ( 2021-09-22 08:36:22 -0600 )edit

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