How to create point cloud map from raw point cloud with AutowareAuto 1.0.0

asked 2021-09-13 04:22:43 -0500

keita1523 gravatar image

I want to create a point cloud map with Velodyne VLP16 and the ndt_mapping_node provided by AutowareAuto 1.0.0. The ndt_mapping_node always downsamples the raw point cloud. Therefore, the created map was also downsampled. I need raw point cloud maps because the downsampled map has few points and I cannot conduct ndt_matching using the map. I think it is realized by turning off ndt from this node. Please tell me how to create a raw point cloud map or turn off ndt from this node. I looked for the setting in a param file but I could not found the setting to turn off ndt.

I create the point cloud by the following procedure.

  • launch nodes in ROS foxy for velodyne. ros2 launch velodyne
    • launch ndt_mapping_nodes source ~/AutowareAuto/install/setup.bash ros2 launch ndt_mapping_nodes
    • change path to created map path ~/AutowareAuto/src/tools/autoware_demos/param/autoware_academy_demo/map_publisher.param.yaml
    • launch demos ros2 launch autoware_demos
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