Performance of RoS2 Galactic in-comparison to Dashing is low?

asked 2021-09-03 09:40:08 -0500

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I am running ros2 galactic patch 1 release binary with simple listener and talker example modified to send a data size of 15 MB. Publisher is sending data at a rate of execution cycle, when this example is run in different DDS configuration and also with ros2 Dashing version (Binary release) + Foxy Binary release. It's observed in general the performance is much better in dashing with default fastRTPS compared to Galactic. please refer the below table for the same, and kindly do suggest is there any particular reason for performance variation as we all expect with every new release of ros2 performance to be better.

Looking forward to hear some valuable input on this topic.

Platform details: Machine: Windows 10 processor: Intel i7 RAM: 64GB

Galactic (default cycloneDDS) BW: 23 MB/s NWK load(observed in resource monitor): 680 Mbps hz (Avg. rate) 1.5 and std. deviation 0.025

Galactic (fastDDS) BW: 20-28 MB/s NWK load(observed in resource monitor): 250 kbps hz (Avg. rate) 1.92 and std. deviation 0.5

Dashing (default FastRTPS) BW:680 MB/s NWK load(observed in resource monitor): 21 Gbps hz (Avg. rate) 24.61 and std. deviation 0.006

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