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invalid action on ros2 - Autoware

asked 2021-09-01 08:50:35 -0600

MikeBlacbeard gravatar image

I'm following the instructions for AutowareAuto and the record/replay as listed here:, but when I come to the command: ros2 action send_goal /planning/recordtrajectory autoware_auto_msgs/action/RecordTrajectory "{record_path: "/tmp/path"}" --feedback I get the next error: The passed action type is invalid Can any of you help me with this issue?

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1 Answer

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answered 2021-09-12 08:19:43 -0600

Josh Whitley gravatar image

updated 2021-09-12 08:20:10 -0600

If you have previously built Autoware.Auto on your system or have not updated your ade in a while, this can happen because the action messages for the Record/Replay Planner used to exist in the package recordreplay_planner_actions and are now in autoware_auto_msgs. To make sure you are using the latest ade:

  • exit ade and run ade stop
  • run ade start --update --enter

If you are building from source, clear out your build environment and pull the latest external dependencies:

cd to your Autoware.Auto folder
rm -r src/external/* build/ install/ log/
git pull
vcs import <
colcon build

If you are using your own fork of Autoware, see How to Develop in a Fork for instructions on updating your fork from the upstream.

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Asked: 2021-09-01 08:50:35 -0600

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