Ros2 Nav2 SmacPlannerHybrid but for holonomic/omnidirectional robots?

asked 2021-08-09 05:11:00 -0500

Description of the problem:

We have a rectangular omni-directional robot that is able to rotate on it's base. The goal of this robot is to approach into narrow alleyways to pick up items from either side of the alleway. The robot itself however is only able to operate from it's right hand side.

This means that the robot needs to approach the alleyway with the correct orientation, meaning that the planner has to be aware of the end orientation and generate a kinematically feasible path that takes into account that it's an omni-directional robot and that realizes that rotation at the end goal is not viable due to the footprint hitting the sides of the alleyway.

The hybrid SMAC planners are successful at planning a path with the correct end orientation however since they're built for ackermann vehicles they provide unnecessarily long and convoluted paths for our omni-directional robot.

The Smac2D planners are able to generate highly viable paths, however they do not take into account the end goal orientation.

Is there a planner that is like a blend of both? A planner that takes into account the end goal orientations for arbitrarily shaped omnidirectional robots whilst being able to generate paths that are not ackermann like.

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