Configuring an Image Pipeline

asked 2021-07-26 16:49:41 -0500

swiz23 gravatar image


I currently have a rosbag that contains...

  • Raw Color Image topic
  • Raw Color Image Camera Info topic
  • Depth image topic
  • Depth image Camera Info topic

I'd like to use these 'base' topics to produce a colored pointcloud. Looking at the depth_image_proc ROS package, I saw that there is a nodelet called point_cloud_xyzrgb that does this type of conversion. However, one of the topics that it needs to subscribe to is the cameraInfo topic of seemingly the rectified color image topic. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that the image_proc node outputs a rectified color camera info topic... So what's the best way to generate the rectified color camera info topic? Is it even possible?

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