How to fetch and Visualize SVL Simulator camera images in RVIZ

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I am trying to fetch and visualize main camera images in RVIZ from LGSVL simulator. The LGSVL-Bridge and simulator are running on two different machines. I did choose Lexus2016RXHybrid vehicle ,it has sensor configuration but does not have a camera on to it, so added a camera by clicking on + icon in configurator and added color camera sensor, and matched the values with sensor configuration mentioned in { "type": "Color Camera", "name": "Main Camera", "params": { "Width": 1920, "Height": 1080, "Frequency": 15, "JpegQuality": 75, "FieldOfView": 50, "MinDistance": 0.1, "MaxDistance": 1000, "Topic": "/simulator/camera_node/image/compressed", "Frame": "camera" }, "transform": { "x": 0, "y": 1.7, "z": -0.2, "pitch": 0, "yaw": 0, "roll": 0 } }, Configuration. Created a Random Traffic simulation with Autowrae.Auto(ApexAI) autopilot with IP and Port of the machine where LGSVL-Bridge is running. When I run simulation, the LGSVL bridge connected to simulator with IP:Port . The simulation is starting , bridge is connected at the specified IP, data is flowing from simulator to LGSVL_bridge. The Ros topics are listed.

I am able to add this topic in RVIZ, but no image is displayed.But no image is displayed in RVIZ.

Even when I run- ros2 topic echo /simulator/camera_node/image/compressed. No data is displayed.

I did download the image transport package - sudo apt install ros-foxy-compressed-image-transport and also executed the image decompressor and publisher command - 1.ros2 run image_transport republish compressed in/compressed:=/simulator/camera_node/image/compressed raw out:=/image_raw (command by also mentioned in autoware lecture 11) 2.ros2 run image_transport republish compressed in:=/simulator/camera_node/image raw out:=/new_topic_name (mentioned in issue #398)

also referred the Autoware video lecture 11 for the same, its working correctly in video , but when I follow the same ,its not working out.

I am recording the ros topics into ros2.db3 files but unable to play them .

Please help

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