turtlesim_node doesn't error out but no window appears

asked 2021-07-07 18:32:29 -0500

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I am trying to learn ROS2 (Foxy) on Windows 10 and am following the official tutorials. When I got to the "2 Start turtlesim" part of the tutorial at https://docs.ros.org/en/foxy/Tutorial..., the command would not error out but the simulator window wouldn't appear either. Running ros2 doctor shows:

<path>\ros2-windows\Lib\site-packages\ros2doctor\api\network.py: 28: UserWarning: Unable to import ifcfg. Use python3 -m pip install ifcfg to install needed package.

[PATH]\ros2-windows\Lib\site-packages\ros2doctor\api\network.py: 67: UserWarning: ERROR: ifcfg module is not imported. Unable to run network check.

[PATH]\ros2-windows\Lib\site-packages\ros2doctor\api__init__.py: 95: UserWarning: Check entry point PackageCheck fails to load.

[PATH]\ros2-windows\Lib\site-packages\ros2doctor\api__init__.py: 95: UserWarning: Check entry point PlatformCheck fails to load.

[PATH]\ros2-windows\Lib\site-packages\ros2doctor\api__init__.py: 95: UserWarning: Check entry point TopicCheck fails to load.

4/4 check(s) failed

Failed modules: network

I replaced the beginning of the paths with '[PATH]' for security reasons.

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