How to create Lanelet2 maps without a pcd file for Autoware Auto AVP Demo?

asked 2021-06-29 11:06:34 -0600

rugved gravatar image

Hey Everyone, I’m trying to create custom Lanelet2 HAD maps for Autoware Auto (Release 1.0.0) AVP demo. The caveat is I don’t have the .pcd file of the map to use the Tier IVs online tool. I want to create it with the JOSM and Lanelet2 plug-in. Is there any documentation on how to create such a maps and import it in Rviz without the pcd? The lanelet2 maps have various subtypes in the Autonomousstuff_parking_lot_demo.osm file, how can I reproduce those with just JOSM and Lanelet2?

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