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moveit tutorial

asked 2021-06-21 04:35:09 -0500

akash12124234 gravatar image

it's hard to follow up moveit1 documentation can anyone suggest to me some other sources for moveit1 melodic.

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You can try Youtube videos if the tutorials are insufficient, but working through the tutorials and suggesting improvements may be more beneficial for you and the community.

fvd gravatar image fvd  ( 2021-06-21 04:45:49 -0500 )edit

can you suggest some youtube videos because I cant find any

akash12124234 gravatar image akash12124234  ( 2021-06-21 04:50:23 -0500 )edit

No, but googling "moveit tutorial video" turns up a 2-hour video called "MoveIt training for beginners", so I don't think they're hard to find.

fvd gravatar image fvd  ( 2021-06-21 04:51:52 -0500 )edit

2 Answers

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answered 2021-06-23 10:22:41 -0500

rodrigo55 gravatar image

First, install moveit on your computer

sudo apt update
sudo apt install ros-noetic-moveit

Then you need to have a .urdf.xacro file for the manipulator you are trying to setup. This is the most important part, so make sure you have the correct file.

You can launch the assistant with

 roslaunch moveit_setup_assistant setup_assistant.launch

These are the tabs that you need to setup for the most basic setup:

  1. Start: Create New MoveIt Configuration Package
  2. Load your robot URDF file
  3. Self-Collisions: Generate Collision Matrix
  4. Virtual Joint: Create a virtual joint between your robot's base link and the world frame
  5. Planning Groups: select KDLKinematicsPlugin and add the necessary joints to the group
  6. Robot Poses: add desired robot poses that Moveit will have
  7. ROS Control: setup Joint Trajectory Controller
  8. Finally, generate the package in your workspace.

You can then test your MoveIt setup by launching the file

roslaunch [your_moveit_config_pkg] demo.launch

If you need a video describing these steps, you can watch this video that takes you through the process above:

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answered 2021-06-22 03:43:38 -0500

fvd gravatar image

Apparently "Google for 'moveit tutorial video'" was a sufficient answer.

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