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Debugging with Robot_Localization

asked 2021-06-18 04:45:47 -0500

KNTRL gravatar image

updated 2021-06-18 04:46:33 -0500

I am currently facing a problem where I am getting the following error:

[ekf_node-1] terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::runtime_error'
[ekf_node-1]   what():  can't subtract times with different time sources [1 != 2]
[ERROR] [ekf_node-1]: process has died [pid 43657, exit code -6, cmd '/home/tonimand/ros2_rob_loc/install/robot_localization/lib/robot_localization/ekf_node --ros-args -r __node:=ekf_filter_node --params-file /home/tonimand/ros2_rob_loc/install/robot_localization/share/robot_localization/params/ekf.yaml'].

while working with the default file whereas I have 1 odometry and 1 IMU as input, and I already made sure that the header-stamps in there are in SYSTEM_TIME with

time = Clock()
msg.header.stamp =

where I get a logger message confirming that is a SYSTEM_TIME. However something seems to be still in ROS_TIME apparently.

My question now is: how do I actually debug with Robot_Localization? I set Debug to true, and the file is being generated, but it basically just ends at a random point where it won't tell me what error happened. I'd like to understand what is going on and causing the troubles. Any help is appreciated. If necessary, I can provide the param-files, but as I said, I really only enabled debug and set my odom0 and imu0 to my published topics.

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answered 2021-06-23 19:32:08 -0500

404RobotNotFound gravatar image
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