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Traffic Light Recognition

asked 2021-06-15 07:44:58 -0500

Thiago de Borba gravatar image


In the moment I am testing Open Planner with different scenarios in Carla + Autoware 1.14, Ubuntu 18.04. I am trying to implement traffic light recognition to test Open Planner in traffic light stop scenario. I have a vector map with traffic light data, when I launch the feature_projection node, it publishes the Roi_signal topic with no data. The camera s id and info are correctly define in the feat_proj_option.launch file. How can I fix this problem?

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answered 2021-06-15 07:50:14 -0500

Hatem gravatar image

updated 2021-06-15 10:37:29 -0500

There are several issues here:

1- In CARLA road network map, the position of traffic lights are not correct.

2- The traffic light is represented with one position (not as autoware handle it ) red lamp , green lamp, yellow lamp separately.

So common traffic light recognition inside autoware will not work, because it expct precise position of the lights.

You will need to create your own traffic light recognizer which can detect the light according to relative position not the absolute position.

Hope this helps.

Update to the answer:

This is steps of how use TLR in Autoware image description

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image descriptionimage description

Thiago de Borba gravatar image Thiago de Borba  ( 2021-06-15 08:00:52 -0500 )edit

Hi @Hatem

as you can see in the images, I created manually the traffic light in the vector map and it matches perfectly with the pointcloud map. Do you think the TOWN01 pointcloud map is not correct? Could you advise me any traffic light recognizer to work with Carla and Open Planner?

Thiago de Borba gravatar image Thiago de Borba  ( 2021-06-15 08:05:13 -0500 )edit

I see,

In this case you can use either feat_proj.

or if you are using OpenPlanner 2.5 you can use feat_proj_kml

they don't use ML to detect, only the ROI from the map + OpenCV color detector.

Hatem gravatar image Hatem  ( 2021-06-15 10:36:08 -0500 )edit

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