RQT subscribe to 2 drones localisation

asked 2021-06-11 09:32:30 -0500

q7frkz gravatar image

Hello, In the .launch file of roslaunch, I have 2 groups for 2 drones, in each group, there is a node ihm.

When I launch roslaunch ("roslaunch controller config.launch"), I can see 2 ihm which spawn and show each drone (/drone1/localisation and /drone2/localisation in separate windows). I would like to have one IHM showing the 2 drones.

I can write my node IHM outsides of groups (ns), but I don't know after how to connect to groups /drone1 and /drone2

Is this possible ? Thank you

(I'm new with ROS, ask me if this is not clear)

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