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How to use 2D Nav goal for navigation multiple times

asked 2021-06-08 03:33:55 -0500

liuliuliu gravatar image

When using 2D Nav goal in rviz for global path planning, the global path can be generated, the car can move to the target point and stop and the terminal displays can't generate global path. At this time, I click 2D Nav goal again and there is no response. The navigation point of the car displayed at this time is still the first navigation point, no matter how many times I click 2D Nav goal later. I appreciate it if you have any idea.

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answered 2021-06-08 06:34:25 -0500

ege_yilmaz gravatar image

can you share your rviz screenshot. maybe your robot is in stuck or could enter the inflation layer. when robot is stuck or global path is covered any obstacle then local planner give us this "can't generate global path" message.

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