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galactic keepout_filter inflation

asked 2021-06-05 14:34:05 -0600

Youssef_Lah gravatar image

updated 2021-06-05 14:35:00 -0600


I am using ros2 galactic installed from ros-testing repository

I implemented the keepout_filter as described in the official doc, the problem is that the forbidden areas are not inflated which results that the robot cannot avoid them. as seen in the image below.

I am wondering how can I set the inflation to danger areas as shown in stevemacenski's demo. Thanks in advance

image description


image description

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2 Answers

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answered 2021-06-06 00:21:51 -0600

Costmap filters are no longer applied with the inflation layer. As the keepout / speed zones are meant to place a mask on specific no-go or high cost areas, it didn’t make sense for us to inflate them since they themselves should be representative of the areas the robot should not enter.

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Thanks for the answer. without inflation (for keepout zones only), the robot is not be able to follow the path generated by global plan as shown in the image. I tried to set the filter to global costmap only and delete it for local costmap but the robot still can't reach the goal.

Youssef_Lah gravatar image Youssef_Lah  ( 2021-06-06 07:49:45 -0600 )edit

answered 2022-07-06 06:44:11 -0600

deepar gravatar image

Hi, I run into the same problem working with keepout zones, the robot cannot follow the path for the reasons that you mentioned. Did you manage to solve it? If yes, how? Because as it is now, the robot get stuck in the keepout zones.

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I didn't manage to resolve it, maybe in the next few months i will get back to this task.

Youssef_Lah gravatar image Youssef_Lah  ( 2022-07-08 13:19:37 -0600 )edit

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