Robot Unable to Localise

asked 2021-05-15 08:39:09 -0500

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I am having trouble with localising the robot. I am using hector_slam package. I am running the path planner nodes from my laptop and the hector_slam, rplidar, odometry etc are running on Rpi4

Other answers suggest syncing the time with ntpdate but that didnt help me

image description

I get a warning

[ WARN] [1621085311.507593592]: Costmap2DROS transform timeout. Current time: 1621085311.5076, global_pose stamp: 1621085309.4933, tolerance: 2.0000
[ WARN] [1621085311.507639114]: Could not get robot pose, cancelling reconfiguration
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Have you checked this question:

It's likely the raspberry pi has run out of CPU compute bandwidth. Its probably chugging.

arjo129 gravatar image arjo129  ( 2021-05-16 07:56:36 -0500 )edit