What are the steps to create Lanelet2 map for Autoware.Auto [closed]

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I am trying to create a lanelet2 map for my autoware.auto demo, below are the steps I had followed: 1) Export osm file of the region of interest from the https://openstreetmap.org . 2) Remove unnecessary information from the osm file using the JOSM.

I have tried to convert the osm file in lanelet2 formate using the lanelet2-parser (https://pypi.org/project/lanelet2-parser) but this won't provide to save the file.

I have tried the autoware map builder tool (https://tools.tier4.jp/vector_map_bui...) for the same and able to convert in lanelet2 format for my demo but when I tried to load that map in my demo it is not visible on rviz2. I am not sure what I am missing during the process.

Is there any specific process or documentation for creating the lanelet2 map?

Waiting for the response.



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