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Newbie trying to install ROS on linux mint20.x

asked 2021-05-01 15:06:05 -0500

msaine gravatar image

Using the install directions on your site the first command fails looking for lsb-release. Being new I don't know what to do to correct. Can you send me details if there has been an update?

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"fails looking for lsb-release" -- can you post the error message?

abhishek47kashyap gravatar image abhishek47kashyap  ( 2021-05-02 23:21:38 -0500 )edit

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answered 2021-05-03 08:43:43 -0500

If you're not using the recommended distro (Ubuntu 20.04 for Noetic), you're going to bump into issues such as this one.

As the commenter said, we need a bit more details. Please copy & paste the exact error message you're getting, otherwise we can't really help.

Also, run this command:

$ lsb_release -sc

What do you get? If you don't get focal, then you need to work around it a bit (because you're not using Ubuntu). Try running this:

$ export LSB_ETC_LSB_RELEASE=/etc/upstream-release/lsb-release

and then executing the command(s) from the tutorial again.

I found this workaround here:

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