compute the path length and run time to a path generated by navFn

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I want to compute the path length generated by navFn(in meters), and the how long does it take from navFn to generate the path ( in ms).

I referred to: , I found that, the published topic nav_msgs/Path gives , "last plan computed by navfn, published everytime the planner computes a new path", but do navFn computes many paths? I do not understand why navFn calculates many paths since it is a global planner!

I want only the final path from start to goal, so is this published topic useful for this purpose?

I also referred to:

In the last link, I found these two functions: calcPath() ==> The length of the path found calculates path for at most <n> cycles, returns path length, 0 if none

Does this function gives length in meter? Is is the last computed path?

getPathLen() ==> The length of a path length of path, 0 if not found

Does this function gives length in meter? Is is the last computed path? and what is the difference between getPathLen and calcPath?

I could not find a function to compute the time required to generate the global path, so I need to implement this myself,

so, here:

I think a need to modify navFn code and set a timer before and after makePlan(), but which version of makePlan() do you think is better? and is this idea applicable?

I am looking forward to your advice, thank you.

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