Grip Action Server tutorial/example.

asked 2021-04-11 10:17:16 -0600

Patrick Vibild gravatar image

Hi all.

I got a gripper URDF for my real robot and I am finding some issues to manipulate it through moveit.

What I have seen is that I have to make a controller in MoveIt so moveit knows how to grasp object and then implement my own Grasp action server.

My major request is if anyone knows any tutorials or any github where I can see how the controller and moveit are linked (preferably in python).

Then into more subquestions:

  • The urdf for my gripper contains several link, but then I see how the GripCommand controllers usually only show up one of the links: - name: hand_controller action_ns: gripper_action type: GripperCommand default: true joints: <ul> <li>panda_finger_joint1 how does the controller map one link in this case? also does the controller have to return the position of all the links as the follow_joint_trayectory?

Basically spent some days just googling and searching for some github repositories for examples/guidance without any luck. Can anyone guide me on this please.

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