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hi everyone,

I am trying to use the navigation stack for the first time. I am using a orbbec astra 3D camera with the laserscan_kinect package to get a laserscan message. I have followed the tutorials but I get a problem witch I don't know how to fix. When I launch the move_base.launch file, it return the following warning:

Timed out waiting for transform from base_link to map to become available before running costmap, tf error: canTransform: target_frame map does not exist.. canTransform returned after 0.101101 timeout was 0.1. [ WARN] [1617955303.858634028]: No laser scan received (and thus no pose updates have been published) for 1617955303.858537 seconds.  Verify that data is being published on the /scan topic.

When I check with rostopic info command, I see that the AMCL package subscribes to the scan topic. But the scan topic is empty because the laserscan_kinect package publishes data on the laserscan_kinect/scan topic.

My question is how can I make the AMCL package subscribe to the laserscan_kinect/scan topic instead of the scan topic?


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never mind, i just found it

jallin gravatar image jallin  ( 2021-04-09 06:52:26 -0600 )edit