Rostest permission denied error

asked 2021-03-29 04:29:44 -0600

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I'm setting up rostest for the project but it somehow doesn't work ever since I've reinstalled Ubuntu on WSL2. I've had to check out the git project in a roundabout way, since it's behind a proxy that I only have access to through Windows. (Like downloading the dir manually and then setting the upstream manually as well.) Afterwards I've had permission problems, I thought I'd resolved but the tests are not running anymore (at least I think this is because of the git thingy).

Anyways, when running catkin_make run_tests_control I get this error:

ERROR: unable to launch [/home/smeik/catkin_ws/src/integration/control/test/ --gtest_output=xml:/home/smeik/catkin_ws/build/test_results/control/rosunit-test_services.xml __name:=test_services __log:=/home/smeik/.ros/log/89d9b352-906e-11eb-b750-00155d1dab13/test_services-2.log]: Permission denied

But the permission for the .py file look ok: -rwxr-xr-x 1 smeik smeik 1646 Mar 29 10:15 src/integration/control/test/

And the ones for the .test as well: -rwxr-xr-x 1 smeik smeik 305 Mar 29 10:54 src/integration/control/test/test-services.test

There are also other errors but I htink this is the one causing all the other problems.

Thanks for your time.

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