Create MoveIt Controller (without gazebo)

asked 2021-03-17 09:02:43 -0500

Kiwi_gamer01 gravatar image

I can control a simulated robot in Gazbeo with Moveit without any problems. But if I want to use my own robot and not the simulated version, I need a controller. And I have no idea how to create a controller, because my robot arm simply consists of normal servos that I control via Python (pwm) and not like e.g. the dynamixel servos that have a motor controller that can be accessed easily(a lot of tutorials).

I thought to myself I would let a node read the topic /joint_states and let the servos act. I have never really worked with Ros so if there is something simpler that I just don't know, give it to me.

I know that one possibility would be to start the simulation with gazebo and then read out the topic /joint_states, but I don't think that's right because a distinction should be made between simulation and reality and not that one depends on the other.

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