rviz: visualisation skewed on MacOS

asked 2021-03-17 05:59:38 -0500

sonelu gravatar image

updated 2021-03-18 05:56:47 -0500


MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 Conda: 4.9.2 Python: 3.8.8 rviz version 1.14.4 compiled against Qt version 5.12.9 compiled against OGRE version 1.10.12 (Xalafu) distro: noetic

When starting rviz with a visualisation of a URDF robot the horizontal axes seem to be skewed (they show approximately 1/2 compared with vertical axis). Once the view is reselected in the Views pane on the right side, the representation is displayed correctly.

Unfortunately, as I am new to ROS answers, I cannot load screen-shoots, but there are some attached to the bellow issue: https://github.com/RoboStack/ros-noetic/issues/63

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