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Center Line is not being displayed in rviz for op_global_planner

asked 2021-03-17 03:02:11 -0500

Cher4109 gravatar image

Hello, My team is running into an issue with our custom vector map being displayed on the rviz of autoware (v1.12) runtime manager GUI. We made our ADAS map using the official Autoware Vector Map Builder site:

It seems I can't upload an image here but I've included attachments for anyone to look at and hoping to help find the solution to our problem.

Steps we have followed are described below: - we collected a data (rosbag6 in drive) of a small portion area of a training course near us. - we used vector map builder tool to construct road edges and center line. - we exported it to generate csv files to be loaded up in the autoware vector map under the "map" tab in runtime GUI.
Roadedges were the roadedge.csv and point.csv files
Center line were the lane.csv and node.csv files.

  • For the TF, we used this tf.launch file located in the folder:

Issue: - When we load the vector map into rviz, our road edges were displaying properly but not the center lane line. We researched this issue and we found this q&a site:

According to this link, one user mentioned something about dtlane.csv. We're not sure if this is needed but we decided to remake our vector map including this but the vector map builder says that the dt.lane is not supported in this current release (

Currently, we're trying out different alternatives for vector map building tools that supports dtlane.csv (we are open to any suggestions from anyone who knows any good mapping tools out there)

Our goal is to have the vector map working with op_global_planner for simulation. For some reason, we just couldn't get the center showing up in rviz. The only thing that we're able to see are the roadedges we created. We want the center lines in rviz so that we can make the vehicle follow whichever point we choose with the 2D Pose Estimate and 2D Nav Goal tools in rviz.

If anyone could take a look at our issue, we would be really grateful. We tested the sample_moriyama data with op_global_planner and we're able to successfully lock on the center line with 2D Pose Estimate and 2D Nav Goal and have the vehicle follow the line we made.

Also, we know that it's possible to use op_global_planner for simulation. We're also managing to see if we can have it utilized with real-time data being relayed from both our gps and lidar devices, but most specifically our gps device. We have the Xsens Mti-g-710 device for gps and imu data. Is there a way to have it showing real-time in the op_global_planner to the vector map.

rosbag6 (includes the rosbag, vectormap csv files, and pcd map) link text

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answered 2021-03-18 07:36:11 -0500

Hatem gravatar image


First of all you can use ASSURE tool to double check your map, it uses the same parser as OpenPlanner.

Second, when you load the vector map using the runtime manager, it won't show the lane center lines.

Then when you start op_global_planner, it will publish the map center line to visualize. (make sure that you inlcude this message into Rviz).

I checked the maps you have shared, two of them can be loaded (one short lane each map) , the autoware_rosbag6() is corrupted, the parser can't load.

Regards, Hatem

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Hey Hatem, Thank you for your response. Can you walk me through of how you were able to visualize the two rosbag6(1) and rosbag6(2) maps in rviz.

Correct me if I'm wrong, here is how we started it up: - opened runtime manager - under Setup tab, we enabled Baselink to Localizer: TF and Vehicle Model -under Map tab, we loaded the rosbag6(1) csv files containing idx, lane, line, node, point, roadedge we also loaded tf.launch from -Under Sensing tab, we enabled voxel_grid_filter -Under Computing tab, we enabled: nmea2tfpose, vel_pose_connect, lidar_kf_contour_track op_global_planner, op_common_params, op_trajectory_generator, op_motion_predictor, op_trajectory_evaluator, op_behavior_selector

-We clicked Rviz and we were not able to see the one short lane, we tried doing 2d pose estimate and 2d nav goal and it didn't gives us that blue line.

Cher4109 gravatar image Cher4109  ( 2021-03-18 12:17:41 -0500 )edit

I didn't visualize it in rviz, I just used the ASSURE tool.

in op_global_planner source code, there is a flag to select between vector map version 1 and 0.

try to switch this flag and tell me what happen.

also if you can create a screen recording video with all the steps, it would be easier for me to spot where is the issue.

Hatem gravatar image Hatem  ( 2021-03-19 22:47:21 -0500 )edit

Hello Hatem, under the "src" of folder, there is this op_global_planner_core.cpp when I search it up. In that c++ code, there is this line of code " pub_MapRviz = nh.advertise<visualization_msgs::markerarray>("vector_map_center_lines_rviz", 1, true);" It was set at 1 and I changed it to 0 and build the autoware again under the directory. unfortunately, I didn't find any change to the map.

Also I attached the screen recording, I hope you are able to view this. I had some issues uploading it in here.

Regarding the ASSURE tool, we tried to install it through docker but when we launched it with $ sudo ./run-docker in the terminal, we couldn't import our vector map because for some reason the file explorer in assuremap is different from linux.

Currently trying this other installation method:

Cher4109 gravatar image Cher4109  ( 2021-03-23 00:17:44 -0500 )edit

This is the line of code related to version selection


and if you have issues with assure mapping tool, add an issue to the git repository.

it is better to use Autoware.AI from release 1.13.0 , it is difficult to support older versions


Hatem gravatar image Hatem  ( 2021-03-24 06:37:07 -0500 )edit

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