Vector Map Center Line is not displaying in RViz, but displaying on vector map builder.

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I have a question about why the center line would not be displaying in RViz, when it is created in the vector map builder (V1.12). Our team is trying to create a ADAS map of a small portion of data and have open planner follow the center line (data is stored in rosbag6 the link to the data is at the bottom). The steps we have followed are described below. 1) We collected data and stored data in rosbag6. An image is attached below of the area we mapped. 2) We used the vector map builder tool to construct the road edges and center line. This is displaying well in the vector builder, then we export the ADAS map to generate the .csv files for the vector map. In order to build the road edges we generated the roadedge.csv and point.csv files. To build the center lane line we generated lane.csv and node.csv files. 3) We loaded the vector map (csv files referenced in rosbag6(1) link at bottom) in RViz using the default configuration. When we load the vector map into RViz our road edges are displaying properly but not our center lane line is not displaying. We are not sure if this is because there is no dtlane.csv file generated, but the documentation for vector map builder also says that the dtlane.csv is not supported in this version. The link to this documentation is at the bottom. 4) Our goal is to have open planner follow the center lane line in RViz. Any help or guidance would be appreciated thank you. Links to data: Specific vector files we are trying to load into autoware (issue not displaying center lane line): link to documentation for vector map builder:

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Kindly check my answer for the same question at:

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