Trajectory spoofer test with kinematic model

asked 2021-03-10 05:24:01 -0500

guillermoherreraf gravatar image

Greetings, I've been doing some tests with the Autoware.Auto stack with and without the LGSVL simulator. I have the Autoware.Auto stack installed from source in a Jetson AGX with Ubuntu 18.04 and ROS Dashing. Right now I'm running the, which uses the kinematic model of the vehicle, the trajectory_spoofer node and the mpc_controller node. I noticed that, for both the straight line and the circular trajectories, the MPC controller stops the vehicle before finishing the whole trajectory. I also get the following warning after some time has elapsed:

[mpc_controller_node_exe-2] [WARN] [control.mpc_controller]: Advancing count too high! Likely indexing bug somewhere

Any idea why the controller stops the vehicle before completing the whole trajectory? I will like to master at least these nodes, have them properly working, so I can later try to implement them on a real vehicle with the proper interface node that will talk to the low-level controller of the vehicle.

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