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/mavros/state topic not updating on armed

asked 2021-03-02 13:55:08 -0600

Aaron_Sims gravatar image

updated 2021-03-02 14:22:24 -0600

/mavros/state topic not updating on armed. The connection and the armed States are not updating in the /mavros/state topic. I even armed the Pixhawk flight controller before starting mavros, and the topic still reads not connected, and not armed. The Pixhawk Ardupilot controller is working with the companion computer as well as the GCS. The drone is armed via mission planner but it is not showing up in the /mavros/state topic which still reads not connected and not armed.

Is there another way to get the armed state from another topic that actually works or is there a way to make the topic work?

also does it only function in certain flight modes? Like Guided or Auto. I ran the test in Stabilized flight mode.

All help will be appreciated. The platform is RPI4b, Ubuntu 20.04, Pixhawk APM 3, and MissionPlannner.



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answered 2021-03-05 16:39:11 -0600

Aaron_Sims gravatar image

I'm embarrassed to say this but my USB cable was a charging cable that didn't have data in it and I had swapped it out and I didn't realize that the cable didn't have data support. Replaced the cable and everything works fine.



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