getting this error on launching turtle_tf_demo.launch file, turtle sim window opens but only one of the turtle is moving

asked 2021-02-26 08:28:39 -0500

aditya raj gravatar image

File "/opt/ros/melodic/lib/turtle_tf2/", line 50, in <module> spawner(4, 2, 0, turtle_name) File "/opt/ros/melodic/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/rospy/impl/", line 442, in _call_ return, *kwds) File "/opt/ros/melodic/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/rospy/impl/", line 532, in call raise ServiceException("transport error completing service call: %s"%(str(e))) rospy.service.ServiceException: transport error completing service call: receive_once[/spawn]: DeserializationError cannot deserialize: unknown error handler name 'rosmsg' [turtle_pointer-6] process has died [pid 16062, exit code 1, cmd /opt/ros/melodic/lib/turtle_tf2/ __name:=turtle_pointer __log:=/home/aditya/.ros/log/6cee5f8a-75f3-11eb-b0d7-080027f71a12/turtle_pointer-6.log]. log file: /home/aditya/.ros/log/6cee5f8a-75f3-11eb-b0d7-080027f71a12/turtle_pointer-6*.log

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