RtabMap cloud_map not published

asked 2021-02-24 21:06:11 -0500

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updated 2021-02-24 21:07:18 -0500

I am trying to use the d435i and t265 together for rtabMap. I am following instructions from RtabMap Wiki where they specifically mention how to use the two cameras together. Everything seems to launch fine but I am not seeing anything in the rtabmap visualizer. The individual camera topics are showing up fine but the rtabmap/cloud_map has nothing.

Commands used:

roslaunch realsense2_camera rs_d400_and_t265.launch align_depth:=true unite_imu_method:=linear_interpolation
roslaunch rtabmap_ros rtabmap.launch    args:="-d --Mem/UseOdomGravity true --Optimizer/GravitySigma 0.3"    odom_topic:=/t265/odom/sample    frame_id:=t265_link    rgbd_sync:=true    depth_topic:=/d400/aligned_depth_to_color/image_raw    rgb_topic:=/d400/color/image_raw    camera_info_topic:=/d400/color/camera_info    approx_rgbd_sync:=false    visual_odometry:=false
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What is the terminal output of rtabmap.launch? Just tested with latest librealsense 2.42 and realsense2_camera ros package and no problem following the wiki instructions.

matlabbe gravatar image matlabbe  ( 2021-02-25 14:01:55 -0500 )edit

I followed the instructions from this link to install RtabMap and Realsense: https://github.com/JetsonHacksNano/in... Are you looking for something particular in the terminal output?

ROS_Master007 gravatar image ROS_Master007  ( 2021-02-25 14:10:29 -0500 )edit

If rtabmap is working, you should see those info log in the terminal at each second:

[ INFO] [1614284043.010071640]: rtabmap (2): Rate=1.00s, Limit=0.000s, Conversion=0.0007s, RTAB-Map=0.0585s, Maps update=0.0067s pub=0.0000s (local map=1, WM=1)
[ INFO] [1614284044.008429708]: rtabmap (3): Rate=1.00s, Limit=0.000s, Conversion=0.0007s, RTAB-Map=0.0596s, Maps update=0.0013s pub=0.0000s (local map=2, WM=2)
[ INFO] [1614284044.977356182]: rtabmap (4): Rate=1.00s, Limit=0.000s, Conversion=0.0004s, RTAB-Map=0.0346s, Maps update=0.0014s pub=0.0000s (local map=3, WM=3)
[ INFO] [1614284046.007449377]: rtabmap (5): Rate=1.00s, Limit=0.000s, Conversion=0.0009s, RTAB-Map=0.0590s, Maps update=0.0015s pub=0.0000s (local map=4, WM=4)
[ INFO] [1614284047.008751797]: rtabmap (6): Rate=1.00s, Limit=0.000s, Conversion=0.0007s, RTAB-Map=0.0580s, Maps ...
matlabbe gravatar image matlabbe  ( 2021-02-25 14:16:03 -0500 )edit