Planning for moving goal frame (PoseStamped)

asked 2021-02-13 05:09:22 -0500

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updated 2021-02-13 11:31:07 -0500

I'm wondering about move_group and moveit capabilities.

Since i can set a target via PoseStamped, and the latter includes a frame_id. Can this ID be set to a moving one?

E.g. in a move_group with two robots, setting the eef target of a robot, to a pose within the frame of the eef of the second robot. So that the world coordinate isnt defined (in time), just the relation between both robots via tf transforms. Bothrobots should be able to plan a viable point in the world where they could reach each other, especially if i dont have a specific spacial constraint for that point.

I have difficulties to understand if the resulting goal pose within setPoseGoal is calculated before execution of the plan request, or at least before the actual calculation of the trajectory is executed. Could the PoseTarget be a variable goal pose in reference to a non static tf frame?

A Pose would be defined in relation to the world frame and should therefore be static in time. PoseStamped, if it behaves like all the other tf frames, on the other hand doesnt need to be static within the world frame.

As an specific example. Robot one is a normal 6DOF robot, the second one would be a turn table. Since i cant reach the further end of the table, i'd like to rotate it. This could be done manually. If i add some obstacles on top of the table, i cant guarantee a set rotation to privide enough clearance for the robot to be able to reach the goal. So i'd like to define a goal frame realtive to the table, so it can rotate automatically.

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