Remap does not work on gazebo_ros_prosilica [closed]

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Hi everybody,

I have a little (it might be also stupid one) for gazebo_ros_prosilica. I want to emulate multi-robot system with some robots equipped with cameras. I found gazebo_ros_prosilica is perfect for me since it uses opencv. So I created my launch files that includes the robots that includes the camera devices with their respective controller of type gazebo_ros_prosilica.

The problem now is that all the controllers subscribes to /camera_info (and other topics with the same name but now I focused on this topic). Then I tried two different ways:

1) From the launch file I tried to get, from the xacro file of the robots, the nodeName without any success.

2) I tried to remap topics. I really tried a lot of permutation without any result. I guess the right solution is (from my launch file):

<node name="spawn_mobRob0" pkg="gazebo" type="spawn_model" args="-urdf -param mobRob_urdf -model mobRob0 -x 0 -y 0 -z 3" respawn="false" output="screen"> <remap from="/camera_info" to="/myremap"/> </node>

I also tried to modify the "from" field with /gazebo/camera_info, ~/gazebo/camera_info ~/camera_info without any result.

Does anyone has the same problem? Could someone help me?

Thanks a lot. Good work,


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