rviz crashes when using interactive markers

asked 2021-02-04 08:26:31 -0500

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updated 2021-02-04 08:26:52 -0500

I have tried successfully the interactive markers tutorials (specially the menu one) for rviz.

Now I have introduced a menu to a very complex system that uses ROS. The system is complex so I don't pretend to explain it here (it has machine learning model prediction, computer vision etc)

The thing is that once in a while, specially when the system is running other processes (and displaying results in rviz) and I select the menus I have built, rviz crashes with the following error

*** Aborted at 1612448409 (unix time) try "date -d @1612448409" if you are using GNU date ***
PC: @         0x40f2f4ee (/memfd:/.glXXXXXX (deleted)+0x40f2f4ed)
*** SIGSEGV (@0x0) received by PID 592630 (TID 0x7f1b3e8b9840) from PID 0; stack trace: ***
    @     0x7f1b3d3074b0 (unknown)
    @         0x40f2f4ee (/memfd:/.glXXXXXX (deleted)+0x40f2f4ed)
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

This seems to be a very general error message, so I would like to ask if anyone in their experience handling rviz has encountered this error? Any pointer would help

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