Jenkins devel error: find_package()

asked 2021-01-27 00:51:16 -0600

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Hi! I'm facing an error when adding my repository to the ROS Index. Jenkins devel job failed to find packages indicated in CMakeLists. Specifically, it happens in one of my repos for Eigen3 and in the other one for PCL 1.8, eg.:

CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:8 (find_package):

By not providing "FindPCL.cmake" in CMAKE_MODULE_PATH this project has asked CMake to find a package configuration file provided by "PCL", but CMake did not find one.

Could not find a package configuration file provided by "PCL" (requested version 1.8) with any of the following names:

PCLConfig.cmake pcl-config.cmake

Add the installation prefix of "PCL" to CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH or set "PCL_DIR" to a directory containing one of the above files. If "PCL" provides a separate development package or SDK, be sure it has been installed.

These are the complete log for both repos: leica_gazebo_simulation, leica_scanstation

How should I solve this? Thanks in advance

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