Is it possible to use latest roboearth with electric? [closed]

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Hi, I have ros-electric and pcl-1.1 installed. Now I wanted to explore roboearth and have been failing to get it installed. While compiling roboearth, when compilation process reaches to the package ar_bounding_box, it fails.

I apologize, in advance, because I don't have the full details of the message at hand, but I think I can explain the problem (hopefully mush in my head wont fail me).

 The error message I get is :
 "pcl/include/tranforms.h" not found while trying to compile ar_kinect_objectextraction.cpp

Problem here is that in the organization of package pcl-1.1 the "transforms.h" does not exist in "pcl/include/tranforms.h".

Later I installed perception_pcl_unstable (which contains pcl-1.4) for electric and even for that "transforms.h" does not exist in "pcl/include/tranforms.h".

Fianlly I thought of looking through fuerte and there it was "pcl/include/tranforms.h" , right where it was expected by roboearth.

So, it seems that roboearth is migrating (or has it already migrated?) to fuerte. But if we look at the installation options on roboearth roswiki - - the installation instructions are still for electric.

So, couple of questions: 1. Has roboearth migrated or is in process of migrating to fuerte? 2. Is is still possible to use roboearth with electric? (I am defeated in trying ... today :) )

Thanks in advance

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