Problem with trajectory and goal accuracy.

asked 2021-01-12 08:38:04 -0600

majun gravatar image


I am struggling with controlling my own robot arm with ROS Control and ROS Controllers. I am using a Joint Trajectory Controller with an effort interface and want to execute the smooth trajectory that contains positions, velocities, and accelerations with time_steps. I want to achieve accuracy on the level of 0.03 radians for the trajectory point and 0.002 radians for a goal point in a finite time. With tunning the PID of controllers I can only achieve about 0.01 radians for the goal. It is fairly good but I really need more precise movement. How can I manage to get the exact final position for the robot?

I can write two controllers that one goes to point and second that does the final approaching, but I actually would like to have it in one ROS controller.


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