nearly duplicate log files

asked 2021-01-11 08:56:58 -0600

gbohus gravatar image


Setup: ROS Melodic, Ubuntu 18.04

Many of my nodes produce two log files in .ros/log/latest, e.g. pi-manager-2-stdout.log and pi-manager-2.log. The content of the former is (semantically) a subset of the latter. (I say semantically, because timestamps are Unix time in one, human readable in the other and there are other minor differences.) I seems the former contains what my code explicitly logs while the latter contains more, e.g. line like

[rospy.internal][INFO] 2021-01-11 15:30:34,150: topic[/robot/heartbeat] adding connection to [/rosbridge_websocket], count 0

that ROS seems to add on its own.

How do I control which one of these gets created and what goes where?


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