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I am trying to use moveit to do 3D navigation following this blog. I used the GitHub repo provided in the blog but have been getting the following errors.

[ERROR] [1609990604.250512891, 3.494000000]: Group 'Quad_base' does not have a parent link
[ERROR] [1609990604.251125106, 3.494000000]: Unknown type of joint in Jacobian computation
[ INFO] [1609990604.265045474, 3.501000000]: Constructing new MoveGroup connection for group 'Quad_base' in namespace ''
[ERROR] [1609990604.274375530, 3.508000000]: Unknown type of joint in Jacobian computation
[ INFO] [1609990605.390189552, 4.473000000]: Ready to take commands for planning group Quad_base.
[ INFO] [1609990605.390261371, 4.473000000]: Looking around: no
[ INFO] [1609990605.390280261, 4.473000000]: Replanning: no
[ERROR] [1609990605.410891661, 4.484000000]: Unknown type of joint in Jacobian computation
[ERROR] [1609990605.411768561, 4.484000000]: Unknown type of joint in Jacobian computation

I looked up the parent link of a moveit group online but did not find too much information. The only place I found parent link mentioned was in setting up the end effector, which seems to be unrelated to the group.

Below is the current .srdf file. Can anyone help me set up the parent link to the group?

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<!--This does not replace URDF, and is not an extension of URDF.
    This is a format for representing semantic information about the robot structure.
    A URDF file must exist for this robot as well, where the joints and the links that are referenced are defined
<robot name="quad">
    <!--GROUPS: Representation of a set of joints and links. This can be useful for specifying DOF to plan for, defining arms, end effectors, etc-->
    <!--LINKS: When a link is specified, the parent joint of that link (if it exists) is automatically included-->
    <!--JOINTS: When a joint is specified, the child link of that joint (which will always exist) is automatically included-->
    <!--CHAINS: When a chain is specified, all the links along the chain (including endpoints) are included in the group. Additionally, all the joints that are parents to included links are also included. This means that joints along the chain and the parent joint of the base link are included in the group-->
    <!--SUBGROUPS: Groups can also be formed by referencing to already defined group names-->
    <group name="Quad_base">
        <link name="base_link" />
        <joint name="virtual_joint" />
    <!--VIRTUAL JOINT: Purpose: this element defines a virtual joint between a robot link and an external frame of reference (considered fixed with respect to the robot)-->
    <virtual_joint name="virtual_joint" type="floating" parent_frame="world" child_link="base_link" />
    <!--PASSIVE JOINT: Purpose: this element is used to mark joints that are not actuated-->
    <passive_joint name="quad/ground_truth/odometry_sensorgt_joint" />
    <passive_joint name="quad/imu_joint" />
    <passive_joint name="quad/imugt_joint" />
    <!--DISABLE COLLISIONS: By default it is assumed that any link of the robot could potentially come into collision with any other link in the robot. This tag disables collision checking between a specified pair of links. --> ...
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