Suggest a good robot to work on based on ROS

asked 2020-12-18 01:17:15 -0600

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Hello, I recently found interest in robotics using Reinforcement Learning, and then I came across OpenAI gym, ROS and Gazebo to develop and work on a model. I found ros2learn based on gym_gazebo2 build on ROS uses the MARA environments from Acutronic Robotics. But given to understand that Acutronic Robotics is out of business now the physical model would not be available. But the package given by Acutronic Robotics as ros2learn is very handy for the beginners like me. Can anyone help with the next step I should take, is there any other company that builds robots on ROS packages that can be worked using ros2learn?

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I think you would need to specify more information (exactly like the MARA? what price range? ...)

Or maybe does help?

mgruhler gravatar image mgruhler  ( 2020-12-18 01:26:03 -0600 )edit

personally I'm thinking on buying a doosan cobot. It has nice capabilities, and there is great suport for ROS (and starting with ROS2). Nevertheless i dunno if It will be what are waiting for and how it's integrated with ros2learn and gym_gazebo2 .

Solrac3589 gravatar image Solrac3589  ( 2020-12-18 03:46:41 -0600 )edit

I was talking more in the fields of robots that use HRIM as robotic manipulators for Gazebo.

duttonide gravatar image duttonide  ( 2020-12-18 21:06:46 -0600 )edit