RViz view and LibRviz qt-application view

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Dear colleagues!

Can you point me to the correct answer or give advice... I plan to embed view of robot model into Qt-application (C++). Looking on a couple (or even single) example of using Librviz I added following codes in

robot_ = manager_->createDisplay("rviz/RobotModel", "model", true ); ROS_ASSERT( robot_ != NULL);

which is used "robot_description" parameter, loaded at this moment. What I see in application is a shadowless white model instead of well view in RViz.

Should I add a light sources or similar to internal Librviz scene ? Thanks for advises.

P.S. I noticed that in qt there is incomplete model. Maybe this is the reason (incorrect load of URDF to "robot_description" parameter) ?

Qt-application view: image description

RVIZ view: image description

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Sir i trying to incorporate rviz view to my Pyqt5 GUI and i am unable to embed it using Librviz. can you share how the above visualization was done the code or folder structure ? Any guidance/suggestions would be of much help

Aradra gravatar image Aradra  ( 2021-05-19 10:18:13 -0600 )edit