any issues with amd bulldozer? [closed]

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hi, I really did not want to ask this question but the last thing I want at the moment is get another set back.

I am running a small mobile robot with a kinnect. I'm moving as much processing off board as I can.

The previous desktop was a bit challenged, a lower end athlon 2.

my desktop blew up, so quickly acquiring a new one. options are ivybridge i5-3450 or amd fx 8120 the linux benchmarks seem to favour the 8120 unlike windows. however the intel is a safe bet! the amd offers some potential but at a higher risk.

my question is

  • anyone having issues with amd bulldozer processors installing, compiling or running ros?
  • Performance ?

I am aware that the 8120 has a shared fpu on each module and I am using mixed float sizes ( i am using python). The use or lack of amd specific compiler optimisations affecting performance and results. the lack of maturity and testing within ROS.

Thanks and again sorry to ask


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