Is it possible to modify static_map or specifically, the global cost map dynamically?

asked 2020-12-16 14:41:56 -0500

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updated 2020-12-16 14:43:22 -0500


I was hoping those more familiar with the map_server node could perhaps share some insight on how I am thinking about the global cost map. I am reading through and I don't see where it mentions if it is possible to run any extra processors on the map data itself and possible modify it in real time.

What I am trying to do:

  • I have a prior saved map of 1,000 cells by 1,000 cells.

  • I have a 200x200 cell data of ground truth from a 2nd map

  • I know how map2 relates to map1 through a transform

  • I want to overwrite the 200x200 cells in map1 with map2's data dynamically

From my understanding, I can read the map, modify the byte array as I see fit, even giving it new dimensions and publish map2 on a separate topic, but for navigation purposes, can I just directly modify the global cost map of map_server? Ie: a SetMap service?

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