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Failing to build PX4 with catkin build

asked 2020-12-15 02:24:50 -0500

Naza karim gravatar image

I want to use PX4 launch files (mavros_posix_sitl.launch) with GAZEBO simulator, but I can't build PX4 as a ROS package.

I am using ROS melodic on Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS.

I installed PX4 inside ~/catkin_ws/src using:

git clone --recursive

When I try to build catkin, I get the following error: C:\fakepath\Screenshot from 2020-12-14 11-27-58.png

What is wrong?


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2 Answers

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answered 2021-07-06 19:38:51 -0500

electrophod gravatar image

You are not supposed to build PX4 as a ROS package.

You are supposed to build it using make using the command make px4_sitl_default gazebo if you want to use it with Gazebo and then just source the setup files and put PX4 in the ROS_PACKAGE_PATH.

All the instructions are there in the official documentation of PX4.

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answered 2021-04-06 09:39:40 -0500

yfrikha gravatar image

Did you find any solution to this ? I'm having it too ..

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