How to output imu_complementary_filter to rviz

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Hi, I'm a Japanese who just started learning about ROS. Please forgive my limited English.

I am trying to display orientation results on Rviz by filtering imu_filter_madgwick and imu_complemetary_filter on a 9-axis IMU sensor.

For imu_filter_madgwick, we succeeded in outputting the orientation result on Rviz, but we could not output the orientation result of imu_complementary_filter in the same way.

So, could you please tell me how to use my imu_complementary_filter and how to use rviz incorrectly?

▲Environment used, sensor,github

OS: Ubuntu 18.04






▲ Execution Procedure

$ roslaunch rt_usb_9axisimu_driver rt_usb_9axisimu_driver.launch
$ rosrun imu_complementary_filter complementary_filter_node
$ rosrun tf static_transform_publisher 0 0 0 0 0 0 map frame 100
$ rviz

Then, add "TF" in Rviz and change "Fixed Frame" to "imu_link" or "odom" to display the result of posture estimation in Rviz. However

$rosrun imu_complementary_filter complementary_filter_node

If you use complementary_filter instead of madgwickfilter, you will get only "map" and "frame" in Fixed Frame, and you cannot check the orientation even if you add TF and so on.

Should I change the settings of Rviz and imu_tools to the following?

Thank you for reading.

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