ROS2 in windows,running python demo is unresponsive but no error

asked 2020-12-14 07:31:49 -0500

Ataraxy gravatar image

ROS2 in windows. when run the python demo is unresponsive but no error reported. < PS C:\Windows\system32> ros2 run demo_nodes_py listener - > no answer and no error reported. All plug-ins are satisfied.Does anyone know what's going on??

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So the listener will just sit around forever, waiting for data to come in via the /chatter topic. In order to see anything there, you need to run another terminal and run the ros2 run demo_nodes_py talker, which will publish data. If you do that, does it work?

clalancette gravatar image clalancette  ( 2020-12-18 13:47:41 -0500 )edit

Yes,it worked !Thanks a lot my friend!

Ataraxy gravatar image Ataraxy  ( 2020-12-18 19:06:43 -0500 )edit