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How to know how to import a message ?

asked 2020-12-12 09:47:30 -0500

Nbb gravatar image

This line of code imports the Int32 message for use in ros from std_msgs.msg import Int32For someone who is completely new, how am I supposed to know what to type to import the Int32 message? This is all I could find regarding the Int32 message where does it say that I must type std_msgs.msg import Int32 ?

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answered 2020-12-12 20:14:29 -0500

jayess gravatar image

This is essentially right out of the ROS Python tutorial on writing a publisher and subscriber. That's the pattern that std_msgs uses. If you look in the std_msgs GitHub repo you'll see that message definitions are in the msg subdirectory. Since the package is called std_msgs and the definition is in the msg subdirectory you can use

from std_msgs.msg import Int32

For other packages you'd look at their documentation or their source code if there's no documentation.

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